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Kitchens as a service (KAAS) are spreading around the country, propelled by America’s changing tastes, need for convenience, and an expanding market for healthy, fresh, local, and sustainable specialty foods. By providing entrepreneurs, producers, and food access programs with affordable commercial kitchen space, KAAS can help strengthen local food systems and build community prosperity.

Globally, KAAS are being embraced as tools to achieve a wide variety of community impact goals, from job creation to workforce training, healthy food access to nutrition education, farm viability to localizing the food economy, and neighborhood revitalization to tourism. Additionally, investments in KAAS can offer more inclusive economic opportunities. Because of this, the shared-use commercial kitchen has become a critical tool for overcoming obstacles entrepreneurs with limited resources face when entering the food industry.

The Network for Incubator and Commissary Kitchens (NICK), moderated by The Food Corridor, is the largest network of KAAS in the world. The NICK supports the food industry through sharing data, best practices, and technical assistance to build and grow successful shared-use kitchen businesses.
The Food Incubation Summit, produced by The Food Corridor, is designed to support this community in order to achieve their mission of enabing efficiency, growth, and innovation in local food. 

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